Hive Gathering

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On October 8, 2013, Nicole Castillo and Ryan Prior were speakers at Hive Atlanta’s Gathering event to discuss leadership, starting a non-profit, the Blue Ribbon documentary, and ME/CFS.  Hive Atlanta is a group of young dreamers and entrepreneurs whose motto is “No Lonely Leaders.” They host the Gathering twice a year to link dreamers, doers, and leaders who can help further each other’s missions. Nicole and Ryan initially brought the Blue Ribbon idea to the Gathering in May 2013, only about ten days after conceiving of the idea to do a documentary. Six months later, at the next Gathering, they were invited back to share their progress with the group, inspire others to jump-start (or Kickstart) their dreams, and to recruit new volunteers into the Blue Ribbon movement. Following the talk, Justin Barber, an Atlanta-based graphic designer, stepped up for ME and designed the beautiful logos you’ll see representing the Blue Ribbon Foundation and the Step Up for ME international brand.


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