An Interview with Ryan Prior via #MEAction

Ryan Prior first made waves with his article in USA Today about his experience with ME/CFS that was shared over 2,000 times. He spoke of, as a junior in high school, falling so ill he could no longer attend classes. “I saw about 20 different doctors that year from every specialty you can imagine,” he […]


Share your Story: Jamison Hill

Name: Jamison Hill Location: California “The room is completely dark, even after I take off the washcloth and tanning goggles shielding my eyes from encroaching light. When Ryan and Nicole interviewed me for Forgotten Plague the body I worked so hard to obtain was wasting away, but little did I know how bad it would get. Gone […]


Share your Story: Janet Dafoe (Whitney Dafoe)

Name: Whitney Dafoe Missing Since: 2006 Location: Palo Alto, CA Written by: Janet Dafoe, Whitney’s Mother   “I have a beautiful son. At about age 21 he started getting sick, and gradually faded from us. Whitney’s been lying in bed for 3 years, unable to speak with me. Now, even his memories fade from him. We had such a […]


Share your Story: Lisa Valerio

Name: Lisa Valerio Missing Since: January 14, 2002 Onset Age: 31 Current Age: 45 Location: Deltona, Florida   “My name is Lisa. I woke up January 14, 2002 and felt like a truck had rolled over me during the night. I was 31. I tried to get dressed for work, but it was impossible. The pain was intense and I […]


Share your Story: Ashley Davis (Whitney Dafoe)

Name: Whitney Dafoe Missing Since: 2006 Location: Palo Alto, CA Written by: Ashley Davis, Whitney’s Sister   “As a girl growing up, dreaming of your perfect wedding with your friends, you think flowers, and tulle, and candlelight. As an adult all you try to do when planning that wedding is try to get it as close to […]


Share your Story: Stephanie Land (Whitney Dafoe)

Name: Whitney Dafoe Missing Since: 2006 Location: Palo Alto, California Written by: Stephanie Land, Friend **This originally appeared on Stephanie’s Website** In Going to Visit a Friend Who’s Sick “I told someone about the time Whitney and I had together recently, and said it was the perfect summer romance. “We had a month. Exactly a month. And he was […]


Our Hearts, Swollen With Stories

Ryan Prior, founder of the Blue Ribbon Foundation and co-director of Forgotten Plague, writes for Wish Dish’s #Halfthestory on his most harrowing experience filming the documentary.   “I’ve been invited to speak coast-to-coast from the National Press Club to Stanford Medical School. My film, Forgotten Plague, which tells the story of a disease called myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue […]

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