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10421960_10203808745155441_7416627003999415239_nRyan Prior first made waves with his article in USA Today about his experience with ME/CFS that was shared over 2,000 times. He spoke of, as a junior in high school, falling so ill he could no longer attend classes. “I saw about 20 different doctors that year from every specialty you can imagine,” he wrote. His article brought in so much feedback from others who had been isolated from the disease, Prior decided he couldn’t ignore his access to a platform to share their stories and advocate. “There is no way I can ignore these facts knowing I have access to a national platform and have the skills to tell the story of these unheard voices,” he wrote in a second article.

That was three years ago. Prior still works voluntarily to advocate for patients and educate the medical community. Here he talks about his journey, looking back on how sharing his story created not only a movie, Forgotten Plague, but a movement.



What was your vision for the film and the Blue Ribbon Foundation from the beginning?


I don’t think I had any idea what it really meant to make a documentary when Nicole and I first started. But I’d written for some major news outlets and Nicole was a filmmaker. It seemed possible.

A few months after graduating from college, I reached out to major journalists in this space to cover our Kickstarter campaign. Soon, I sat in a Walmart parking lot in rural Georgia because I couldn’t cell coverage at home. I was speaking to Llewellyn King.



Read the entire article on HERE.

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