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Sally RichardsonName: Sally Richardson

Missing Since: January, 2014.

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom


“My husband had a serious stroke in 2014 and I ended up looking after him and having to return to work full-time to make mortgage payments. A year later, my pet rabbit and best friend died suddenly in the same week, followed by the death of 3 aunts over the next couple of years.

In October 2013, I worked despite suffering with severe sciatica and viral symptoms and limped through to the Christmas holidays during which I recovered only to go down with a severe flu-type virus as soon as I returned to work in January 2014. After this I went down with Shingles which has recurred ever since.

I have had to stop work due to mobility issues, extreme fatigue and neuropathic pain in my face and frequent muscle spasms which affect control of my body. I have had to swap my big car for a Toyota Aygo as that is all I have the strength to drive.

Example of how condition affects me:

Sunday 10th July

Pain, especially in right foot, really bad today, probably partly due to the high humidity (I had dehumidifier on all day) – spent most of the day in bed and slept for part of the afternoon with TV on – but managed to get out to see my friend Beryl for a few minutes which cheered me up a bit and made me feel less tearful.

Pain especially bad in right ankle and sole of foot – fantasizing about amputating it.

Pain like it has been cut open for an operation and I am receiving no pain relief.

If I were in hospital I would be pushing the morphine button. There’s no way I could work feeling like this. Lying down eases the pain somewhat and I have TV and kettle and en suite and snacks in bedroom so I don’t have to move much. I could not cope at work on a day like this – even footwear and foot touching sheet or clothing painful. Had to take off trousers and put on shorts as it was too sore to have trouser hem touching my ankle area. The pain is similar in type and intensity to that of a surgical incision (I’ve had operations and wounds that needed stitching in the past).
I am unable to work and in constant pain and have had little relief and severe adverse effects to Amitriptyline, Nortriptyline, gabapentin, Pregabalin/Lyrica. topiramate, Carbamazepine, Sertraline and Citalopram. I take a combination of Tramacet and Naproxen from time to time but they make me sick. However, unlike the other medications which need to be taken all the time, I have some control over times and dosages so that I can drive at times.”

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