Introducing Blue Ribbon Fellow: Kelly Gaunt

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12341218_994584150584837_7888003601965928142_nHere is a Q & A from Kelly Gaunt, who partnered with Kristina Gemayel in a DNA study of ME patients. They used social media as a recruitment tool to gather genetic information for the future use of genetic studies. Kelly’s research continues today as she currently seeks bigger platforms to gather data. Read about Kelly’s experience with the fellowship, after Dr. Nancy Klimas suggested she apply:


What was your familiarity with ME prior to the fellowship? Had you learned about it in classes or met anybody with it? 

Prior to the fellowship and starting medical school I worked at the Institute for Neuro Immune Medicine as a Research Coordinator. I was involved with Phase Two of the current CDC study. Everything I have learned about ME has been through the experts at the Institute and, equally important, through the interactions I’ve had with the patients. I believe I gained a wealth of information by being able to see this unique illness from the clinical perspective of the physician, as well as the personal experiences of the patient.

How did you hear about the fellowship, and what prompted you to apply? 

Dr. Nancy Klimas was the person to inform me about the fellowship. Even though I was no longer working as an employee at the Institute while in medical school, I maintained a relationship and expressed interest in contributing in any way possible. I applied because of a genuine interest in learning more about ME, as well as being able to learn from the best! What better way as a medical student to sharpen their research skills, than to learn from mentor that truly fosters every teaching moment and knows what she is doing?


Read the entire post at #MEAction HERE.

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