Amsterdam Girls Raise Funds for Blue Ribbon Foundation

(Left to Right) Merel – 13, Stephanie – 12, Havana (holding the sign) – 12, Sophie- 13. By: Anil Van der Zee One of my good friends’ daughter Havana (12) surprised me with a very beautiful video message. She did something really incredible. I was so moved by it I felt it needed to be made […]


Share your Story: Barbara Tuber-Sooy

Name: Barbara Tuber-Sooy Missing Since: 1980 Name: Matthew Tuber-Sooy Missing Since: 1992   “I first became sick in May 1980. After 8 years I was diagnosed with what was then called fibrositis. In October 1992 my precious 12 year old son, Matthew, got what we thought was the flu. After 5 months and 15 doctors he […]


Share your Story: Annika Carlson

Name: Annika Carlson Missing Since: 2016 Location: Dallas, Texas   “21 years old. The age of fun and freedom as an adult right? Not if you have ME. Wake up. 10 hours of sleep. Not rested. Breakfast in bed. Every meal in bed actually. Maybe shower if I have the energy. Tired from shower. Back to bed. […]


Share your Story: Anil van der Zee

Name: Anil van der Zee Missing Since: 2007 Location: Amsterdam   “Praised from the dark. Being alone on stage, you really don’t see audience. The first 2 rows might be visible, however the rest is as obscured as the dark night. Possibly their cries and sounds reach your ears on stage, but for sure, they are felt. Their presence […]

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