Blue Ribbon Fellowship Application

We invite students with a bachelor’s degree who are studying medicine, or intend to study medicine, to apply to the Blue Ribbon Fellowship Program. Students interested in pursuing the fellowship should complete our online application.

Competitive applicants will have completed their first year of medical school by the beginning of the fellowship term and should have a strong record of research experience at the undergraduate level.

In addition to the application form, personal statement, and essay, students should upload a 1-page resume.

Please direct questions regarding the application to

Applications will be judged based on:
1.) the applicant’s academic record
2.) ability to communicate complex science to the general public
3.) desire to reach underserved patients
4.) passion for studying complex, chronic diseases.

Names will be removed from the applications and each package will be reviewed by an impartial panel of judges.

Blue Ribbon Fellowship Application



Part 1


Graduate or Medical Institution:

Undergraduate Institution:


Phone Number:

E-mail Address:

Undergraduate GPA/Class Rank:

Part 2

Personal Statement (250 Words)— Why are you interested in pursuing this particular fellowship in neuro-immune medicine? What motivated you to pursue your current track? What are your career ambitions?

Part 3

Essay (250 words)—What is the most pressing problem in the way medicine is practiced today?

Application Checklist:

  • Completed Application

  • 1-Page Resume

  • Personal Statement

  • Essay


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