Ryan Prior

Executive Director

Ryan Prior is the producer and writer of the film The Blue Ribbon: ME/CFS and the Future of Medicine. He is a former writer for USA Today College and for The Daily Beast. He was a founder of the Georgia Political Review. His writing has been featured at Real Clear Politics and in The American Conservative. He was diagnosed with CFS in 2007.

Travis Preston


Travis Preston is an Atlanta writer/filmmaker and editor of the film, “Forgotten Plague”. He is a contributing writer/editor for #MEAction, a community building platform for the ME/CFS community, and he has a passion for storytelling and video journalism. Currently Travis manages digital content creation and works closely with the board to decide how the organization accomplishes its mission and vision. 

Nicole Castillo


Nicole Castillo is a filmmaker living in Atlanta. Currently she is co-directed the feature The Blue Ribbon: ME/CFS and the Future of Medicine. She has worked on feature films, reality television, and journalism. Her non-profit experience includes serving as vice president of the University of Georgia chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She holds a BA’s in […]

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