Step Up for M.E.

Step Up for M.E. Campaign

Step Up For M.E. is a social justice campaign to raise awareness for severe neuro-immune diseases in communities across the world. Visit to start your campaign!

A few suggestions for awareness include:

-Wear a blue ribbon for a month

-Wear a Step Up For M.E. t-shirt for a week

-No shower for a week

-Dye your hair blue

-No TV for a week

CauseVox Picture

CauseVox Picture
One million Americans and 20 million people worldwide suffer from ME/CFS, a severe neuro-immune disease. However less than 6% of medical schools are currently teaching the disease.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation plans to help pick up the slack. And we’re inviting you to be a part of it.

The Blue Ribbon Fellowship is a program that will empower our nation’s brightest medical students to study at some of the leading neuro-immune medical institutes in the world. These include clinics like the Open Medicine Institute, the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, and the Whittemore-Peterson Institute.

We’ll recruit students from top medical schools for a summer fellowship in neuro-immune medicine in between their first and second years of medical school. Much of the training during the Blue Ribbon Fellowship would be inmolecular medicine, systems biology, and bio-informatics, emerging fields of inquiry that show great promise in helping to eradicate many of the complex, chronic diseases that have baffled modern medicine.

The program we’re proposing will be:

–have clear success metrics
–productive for leading laboratories
 —attractive to top students.

“This is a brilliant plan. We have got to educate more doctors.”

–Llewellyn King, syndicated columnist and host of PBS’s “White House Chronicle”

Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Foundation Community!
We're so glad you've decided to step up for ME.
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