How to Step Up

To fight polio, society rallied around the Walk of Dimes. To fight cancer, communities annually rally around the Relay for Life.  To fight muscular dystrophy, the MDA holds annual telethons. Nearly every major disease (and many minor ones) have well-known national and international fundraising campaigns that place the disease in the public spotlight.

That’s why the Blue Ribbon Foundation is proud to announce its Step Up for ME initiative. The need for a robust movement for neuro-immune disease funding and awareness is clear.

We think local advocates can benefit from a set of logos, press releases, information packets, promotional videos, websites, and next generation fundraising technology that can make executing professional events simple, easy, and fun to pull off. We’ll do the tough work of messaging, PR, and communication to explain the prevalence and severity of this disease with materials that are elegant and colorful. We’re hard at work creating what amounts to a “fundraiser-in-a-box,” deployable for all manner of possible events.

You can be an advocate simply by being yourself. One woman recently told us she loves to dance when her symptoms calm down a little. She wanted to organize a ballroom dancing fundraiser. Are you an artist? You can auction your work for charity. Do you make jewelry? Make it a fundraiser for research! Are your caretakers walking a marathon? Interested in staging a documentary film screening at your church? Planning a benefit concert? Step Up for ME is a platform to use any and all events to raise money and awareness for a good cause. The only requirement is that you be your authentic self.

Across the nation, we constantly meet patients with amazing skills rendered dormant by disability. It’s a tragic loss of human capital that saps the meaning out of so many lives. More than anything, patients just simply want to have a life purpose. We think it’s important to provide patients a positive outlet to express themselves and be a part of building a better future. We want Step Up for ME to be a source of hope.

Of course, this isn’t just about patients.  Many patients feel sick at the prospect of having to plan a trip to the grocery store, let alone a large event. This movement has to go far beyond patients. This is ultimately about families and communities and igniting new flames of passion in others.  Patients can’t do it all by themselves. That’s why we feel that a powerful and professional international brand is the best way to motivate others to pick up the slack when a patient can’t go anymore. It’s the best ticket to respect we can provide. And respect is what patients need most.

That’s why we’ve designed this website and this program with an eye toward making this as seamless as possible. We want create a feeling of togetherness, that everyone, sick and healthy alike, can team up step up for ME in any way they can imagine.

Are you ready to Step Up for ME?


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